Tony Torres, WCMX Athlete, to Attend the RISE Adaptive Sports WCMX World Championship 2016 in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

11700844_10152662333089159_582353631999448240_oTony Torres, WCMX athlete, is excitedly announcing that he will be attending the RISE Adaptive Sports WCMX World Championship 2016 that will be held in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas on April 21 to 24, 2016. Everyone who is constantly watching the championship every year can expect the presence of Tony and see his skills when it comes to this wheelchair sport.

The excitement exuding from Tony is due to the fact that this will be his first time to attend the competition and it is also the first time for him to compete professionally with top athletes in his category. Aside from the main purpose of competing and showcasing his talent, he will also document and research further for the next Jimmy Wheelz children’s book that he will soon offer. The experiences and other things that he will experience in the competition is what children can expect from his upcoming children’s book.

He will be accompanied by his manager and cousin Anthony Quinones. He will be representing ASF Adaptive Sports, where he has the position as the Vice President. This rare opportunity is something that can boost the confidence of people having the same situation as him and also increase the awareness when it comes to this sport event. Joining this competition and with releasing books about Jimmy Wheelz, Tony has high hopes of encouraging people especially children to find other ways on how they can enjoy their lives even if they suffer from the same condition as him.

With the announcement, he would like to extend his gratitude towards his sponsors namely ASF Adaptive Sports, Embrey’s Moving Solutions, and Primetime Nutrition with Herbalife nutritional products that have helped with his healthy diet and for making it possible for him to attend the competition. In addition, he would also like to let people know how they can show their support by liking and sharing the Jimmy Wheelz Facebook page. He also extends an invitation to other athletes, coaches, volunteers and individuals who would like to help with future community programs and events.

People should anticipate the posts that he will upload with the video blog on his website that will cover his entire trip.

Jimmy Wheelz LLC is providing design services to clients for different purposes like the Jimmy Wheelz children’s book.

“I want to thank my all my family and friends for their continued support and encouragement.”


To get more idea about the children’s book mentioned in the press release, feel free to visit and browse through Those with inquiries or are interested to get in contact with Tony can reach him via email at