We Love To Work & Working In Our Community

Community Programs, the heart of Jimmy Wheelz LLC. Our success and #1 goal is motivating young people and getting them involved in activities that are healthy and educational. Through fundraising, sponsorships and in house funds our programs will cater to children with and without disabilities, together building a strong bridge towards integration.

In The Planning Stages

WCMX Sports Clinic
Wheelchair sports where people  of all ages can push the limits of  possibilities. Professional Wheelchair  Riders will assist inexperienced users  to strap in their wheelchairs and test  the speed of the wheels that they  ride.

Music & Arts
Creative programs where people of all ages and abilities can discover, develop and nurture their creativity.

Fundraising causes
Fundraising is a crucial component for funding programs. Our corporation is committed to assist other organizations market and raise funds so that important programs can reach the children that need it.

Our Commitment is to share with the world not only our passion but our compassion. From donations to nonprofit organizations, to volunteering in the community, giving something back is an important value that we hold – and put into action every day. We’re committed to contributing to causes we believe in through both our energy and our profits, and we hope that in doing so we help set an example for others – individuals and businesses alike – to follow. We envision a world made better by the big impacts we can
have when we all do a little something good.

Get Involved!

Help the Jimmy Wheelz community programs by sponsoring or contributing towards our efforts to create a place where children with and without disabilities can learn, grow and have fun.

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