Spa Beach SkatePark Project, St. Pete City Council

An absolute blessing to be able to speak today at the St. Pete city council meeting at city hall in support for the Spa Beach Skate Park Project Presented by Tito Porrata from Team Pain skateparks. It’s awesome to know that there will be a huge destination skatepark downtown in the future, not only for skateboarders, bmx and scooters but also WCMX, Wheelchair Motocross. Glad I was part of the many who supported this build. Read and share the article!

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On the Grind

The last few months have been a blast. I’ve been hitting the skate park  with my cousin and tricking up and down some serious rampage. Not only learning dropping in some half pipes but learning some serious lessons on safety and safety gear. I’ve gathered some media to share; pictures, videos and created a small animation towards the importance of wearing safety gear with the “Minilights”. […]

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Demens Landing

March 10th, 2014 was my first day out since my surgery couple weeks ago. The weather was so nice I couldn’t hold myself from staying in any longer. As I strolled my chair through downtown St. Pete, I watched and enjoyed nature and my surroundings. Even though I tried doing some wheeling tricks, I felt my body giving me the signals that it wasn’t time yet and just to take it easy. So I did just that. One day at time is all we have, so enjoy today to the fullest because no one is promised a tomorrow. Mucho Amor my friends! […]

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