Digital Art

With graphic art at the core, we seek out and create artwork to use on customized projects and ecommerce. We look beyond the ink to see the landscape of this new pixelated competitive world.    

Print/Digital Publishing

We strive to write funny, educational and motivational content that stimulate the imaginations of children with or without disabilities.



We are excited to edit, produce and share with you stories that hold close to our beliefs; through, videos, animations and motion graphics.

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Learn more about Jimmy Wheelz LLC and download our media kit!

Jimmy Wheelz LLC has launched the first Jimmy Wheelz Chapter Book, available now on The company is currently looking for investments from interested businesses or organizations to fund further development. Any help would be appreciated.

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Our Company Mission
Jimmy Wheelz LLC specializes in developing media; as seen through the spinning wheels of all those who push, inspire and motivate. Helping children and adults alike; dream, achieve and most importantly help others.
Our Philosophy
“When things push you down, don’t quit! Get up and push back harder.” Jimmy Wheelz
The Jimmy Wheelz Promise
Jimmy Wheelz is committed and enthusiastic about serving the community. Reaching out to people of all ages with and without disabilities and contributing to the work that makes a difference. From donations, non-profit, volunteering in the community, contributing our skills and abilities towards causes that we believe in through our drive and assets. We strive to be the example and help the world better by big impacts we can have when we all do a little something good. 

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